quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

Don't you worry...

You said last night that I was treating you in a badly way... I really don't think this is true, but I must apologise for make you uncomfortable with any stupid thing that I might have said.
The point is, my dear, we might argue about how we solve our problems, or how you are being calm and I'm acting by despair or even the contrary. We can have our little fights, our silent... But I won't be happy with nobody else, as long as you live on earth. No one will be good enough for me... You'll certainly say that I'm overreacting, I'm sure I'm not. I'll be here. I'll be here for anything you need. I'll hug you in those tough moments, kiss you on your forehead and look after you. I'll kiss you in the most ardent and lovely way, whispering in your ear that I love, love, love you.
But if you're not pleased yet, I'll shout out loud, for everybody hears me.