quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

Magic ._.

Aiiii raiva maldita que não passa! Anyway...
Depois de um mês eu resolvo escrever... cool ;p

So... If I told you how it feel. How wonderful and terrifying at the same time is that feeling.
Perhaps you can imagine, but I wonder if you could control and know how to handle with this situation. Well, I can't. I had to hide all my fucking feelings for don't mess it up. And honestly, I've done very well.
I would say that I got it. But, isn't completly perfect. If you know what I mean.
I mean, she was sat there, by my side. All I had to ask was as simple as her fucking answer, but I didn't, I didn't say a word. Maybe it was better this way, maybe she's ok. Perhaps we are ok.
Anyway, I would have to say, it was... almost perfect. Except for the fact that was she sitting over there. You know?
It was like: Oh my god, i just can't believe that i'm doing this. Yeah, was sort of scary.

While I touched her skin, felt like I was out of this world, listening Portishead, my head was spinning around. I really didn't wanna stop it. But I had to. Had no choice. So, I stopped. I couldn't look at her, even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
It was unreal, magic, donno how to explain. And, at the second time, when she came, I have no reaction. I mean, what could I do? I know what I should have done.. but... fail. hahahaha

Well, i can't write anymore, I'm still astonished. All I ask you now is: please, don't go away.